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Avactiv complete Sound Design and Installation

AV:Activ Ltd offers a complete installation and design service starting with a thorough site inspection, complete system design through to the installation and commissioning stage.
Our experienced technicians will ensure that technical excellence is always achieved whilst always being sensitive to the aesthetic considerations.

Using a wide range of professional components, from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, our installation team will ensure that the most cost effective system solutions can be implemented without ever compromising on quality.
Whether your requirement is for a small portable music system or for a full blown multi-zone PA system our engineers have a wealth of experience to take on the challenge!

Avactiv caters for the following markets:

commercial audio, commercial music systems, audio visual contractors, background music systems, audio visual maintenance, commercial av installation, sound systems installation, church sound system design, av installation services, audio visual installation designers.

AV:Activ range of sound installation services include –

  • Gym/Leisure centres
  • Public houses
  • Places of worship
  • Offices and warehouses
  • Retail Shops and supermarkets
  • Spin and dance studios , Myride systems
  • Background music
  • Poolside music
  • Tannoy / message announcements
  • PAVA – Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA) are often installed alongside fire detection systems
  • Multi zone music –different styles of music in separate zones controlled by a central unit.
  • Programmed music , including license free music (PPL, PRS)

Portable PA

“Portable PA has come a long way in the last few years in terms of battery life and technology”.

No longer do you need to rely on the good old “ghetto blaster” and replacing 10 batteries every class. Our portable rechargeable PA systems have 8 hours playing time on a single charge, Bluetooth connectivity and Wireless headsets.
Suitable for any environment – swimming pools, wet areas and outdoor.


Portable PA set comprising a main active unit and passive satellite speaker. The main unit has a slot fed DVD/CD player and USB audio player for playback with IR remote control included. A Bluetooth receiver offers yet another method of playback from smartphone or tablet. 2 x VHF handheld microphones are included in addition to 2 inputs for wired microphones with a built-in echo effect for vocalists. VCV control enables mic priority over music. Powered from mains or the internal rechargeable battery, the main unit also powers the passive satellite cabinet. Line input, output and video output offer easy connection to other equipment for expanded AV systems. A comprehensive multi-functional system for innumerable applications.

Power supply 15Vdc @ 3A mains adaptor (supplied
Main driver  200mmØ (8″) main unit and satellite
Impedance (each) 4 Ohms
Controls Delay, Echo, Treble, Bass, Volume, Input, VHF mic volume, Bluetooth, VCV
Battery life Up to 8 hours
Inputs  2 wired mic (jack) and aux (3.5mm jack or 2 RCA)
Bluetooth version 2.1
 Carrier frequencies  174.1MHz + 175.0MHz
Output connections Composite video, line audio, satellite speaker
Audio source Multi-format disc player, USB, Bluetooth™
Video format VCD, DVD, CD+G and compressed MP formats
Batteries : handheld transmitters  9Vdc PP3
Dimensions 275 x 440 x 290mm (each cabinet)
Weight : satellite speaker  5.5kg
Weight : main unit  8.74kg
Battery – main unit 12v 4.5A – H117mm x W90mm x D68mm
  •  2 speaker portable set
  • Mains or rechargeable operation
  • Video playback from DVD
  • Playback of CD+G and compressed karaoke files
  • 2 x VHF wireless microphones included
  • IR remote control for playback
  • Internal Bluetooth™ receiver
  • Stacking trolley with telescopic handle


QX8PAV Portable PA


Complete portable PA unit in a QX-series cabinet. Built-in amplifier operating from mains or internal rechargeable battery powering a main driver and compression driven horn unit. 2 x VHF handheld wireless microphones are included with the receiver built into the rear panel along with 2 further mic inputs, auxiliary line input and Bluetooth™ receiver. Internal audio source is provided by an integral USB/SD/FM media player. A moulded handle and pole mount are included and a retractable trolley handle and rear wheels provide easy portability.

  • Optional neckworn transmitters available – 174.1MHz (178.851) and 175.0MHz (178.852)
  • Echo effect for microphones
  • 2 x VHF handheld microphones included
  • Integral USB/SD/FM media player/recorder with IR remote
  • Duplex Bluetooth™ receiver
  • Mains/rechargeable operation
  • Built-in trolley facility
  • Switchable VCV “mic override” function
Power supply  220-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC) / external 12Vdc / internal battery
HF driver  25mm (1”) Titanium compression driver
Wireless microphone frequencies  174.1MHz + 175.0MHz
Amplifier output 50 + 50Wrms
Battery life  Up to 8 hours
Controls Volume, Bass, Treble, Echo, Delay, Mic vol, VHF vol, Contour, VCV, Bluetoothª
Inputs  2 wired mic (jack) and aux (RCA & 3.5mm)
Bluetooth version 2.1
Dispersion  90° x 60° (H x V)

Portable PA by Avactiv L:td

Portable amplifier system, with integrated Bluetooth receiver and USB/SD card player.

  • Operation via mains connection or built-in lead gel battery 12 V/7.2 Ah (operating time: up to 6 hours), integrated automatic battery charging
  • For mobile applications, e.g. sales events, lectures
  • Bluetooth receiver for wireless connection of portable audio players
  • Adjustable USB/SD card player with connection for external storage media
  • 2-way speaker system
  • 1 adjustable balanced microphone input via XLR, 1 adjustable microphone input via 6.3 mm mono jack, 1 adjustable CD/Tape input via RCA
  • Adjustable master output with 3-way equalizer
  • Link connection (6.3 mm jack) for combining several TXA-15USB systems
  • Cabinet in flight case design, with folding handles
  • Due to an integrated extractable telescopic handle and 2 castors, the amplifier system can easily be pulled like a trolley
  • Stand sleeve