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LED lighting:

Avactiv can supply, install and design the right lighting for your business to make it stand out.

Our services in LED lighting:

  • Mood lighting – multi colour LED tape, Fixed LED bulbs and colour washes. Perfect for gyms, spa’s and places of worship.
  • These can be configured for any effect from soft, smooth colour changes to vibrant sound to light systems.
  • Wi-Fi enabled to some systems and can be controlled via smartphone application.




Spin/ Dance Studios

  • LED units giving an array of different styles and colours to suit.
  • Multiple units linked together, or high spec DMX controlled.

LED Downlighters

  • High-power RGB LED downlights are UK made, using only premium components and powerful K2 Luxeon LEDs.
  • Each of our RGB LED downlights consists of three high-power 1-watt Luxeon K2 LEDs – one Red, one Blue and one Green.
  • This combination allows a vast spectrum of colours to be mixed smoothly and beautifully.
  • The Downlight uses an optic lens to mix the colours and maximise output, and we also provide two clip-on lenses: the first one designed to throw a ‘tight’ light beam, and the other producing a ‘wider’ light beam to create a colourwash effect.
  • High-Power RGB LED Downlights will fit into any standard MR16 housing, so you can choose the finish you require.
  • Each downlight has an in-and-out RJ45 socket system, so you can simply click and connect each downlight in a daisy chain using category 5 cables.
  • Up to 12 fittings can be run from a single InStyle Powerdriver 36 (transformer and DMX receiver) – allowing you to control as many downlights as you require, on projects of all sizes.
  • We also recommend the simple InStyle DMX wall controller, or you can use any standard DMX 512 controller.
  • RGB downlighters and other professional LED lighting products can create a lighting system ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and domestic applications


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