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Wireless Cardio

Wireless cardio is now the industry leader in cardio entertainment around the world, this system allows the user to be able to plug headphones into various cardio machines i.e treadmills, Crosstrainers and be able to listen to the TV’s, Radio stations wirelessly.
Each TV or radio station/internet will have a dedicated transmitter, most makes of transmitter will work at distances of up to 300m and even between different floors !

Please have a look through our cardio products and call us for a free site survey and detailed quote.

We also offer servicing and spares on all makes of wired or wireless cardio systems either onsite or sent to us.

• A cost effective solution to having expensive built in screens on each cardio machine.
• East to maintain, simple headphone jack replacement when worn out
• Uninterrupted high quality stereo sound
• Easy to install to keep costs down, we can fit a typical 6 channel 30 unit wireless system within a day.
• No wires, no additional mains sockets. The cardio units plug directly into the cardio equipment for power.
• 3 year warranty on MYE controllers.
• Works on most other existing cardio systems.

Eclipse Smart Programming TV Audio Receiver

The Fitness Industries #1 Selling Club TV Audio Receiver

The new MYE Eclipse Smart Programming TV Audio Receivers attach to any cardio machine to provide the clearest possible audio from any ceiling or wall mounted TV. Members simply select the desired TV and enjoy audio from their favorite programs.

  • Smart Programming – One receiver wirelessly programs TV Transmitters to all other receivers. Saving installation time and cost.
  • Headphone Jack Replacement Alert – Flashing icon alerts maintenance to replace worn or damaged headphone jack.
  • Works perfectly with all MYE, Cardio Theater and other wireless audio transmitters.
  • Combined 900/800 MHz – One Receiver works worldwide.
  • TV Audio & FM Radio combined so members have choice to enjoy TV audio and local FM Radio.
  • 3-year warranty.

Smart Programming Eclipse receiver wirelessly programs TV Transmitters to all other receivers, saving installation time and cost.

Eclipse Smart Programming TV Audio Receiver


Exclusive MYE Club TV Digital Transmitter Features

  • Fitness Manufacturers #1 Choice – The official transmitter selected by Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Octane, Star Trac and others.
  • Works with All TV Receivers – Works with the best selling MYE Eclipse receiver, Cardio Theater and all other brand receivers or integrated MYE TV receivers on select cardio machines from Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Octane, Precor, Star Trac, True and others.
  • Quick Lock Energy Saving Channel Selectors– Transmitter channels are only set once during installation! No energy wasting large LED displays that are constantly ON for the life of the product as offered by our competitors.
  • Save up to $100 on Each Transmitter New MYE Digital Audio Input eliminates the cost of digital converters required with Cardio Theater xTV-9 or other analogue only transmitters connected to new digital TVs without standard analogue audio jacks.
  • Multi-Transmitter Combiner– Provides simple solution for combining multiple transmitters on a single antenna for satellite or cable boxes installed away from your cardio area TVs.
  • Simple Replacement and Install – Transmitter includes MYE, Cardio Theater and all other brand transmitter channels for easy replacement or the installation of additional transmitters on existing wireless systems.
  • Standard Analog Audio Input – For traditional TVs with analog audio outputs.
  • 5-Year Warranty– Absolutely the best warranty in the industry.

The new MYE Club TV Digital Transmitter delivers exceptional value with exclusive features including digital audio input, energy saving channel selectors and the industry’s longest warranty. Consider the facts and trust the clear advantage of product performance and quality that has made MYE Club TV Transmitters the industry standard.

MYE Cardio Machine LED Digital TV

The new MYE LED Digital TV features a brilliant high definition energy saving viewing experience. MYE commercial grade TV technology is the most trusted in the industry and featured in many leading fitness manufacturers TVs. MYE Cardio Machine TVs are designed to easily replace your obsolete TVs.

Exclusive MYE TV technology features:

  • 15.6 Wide High Definition LED Panel – Durable Commercial Grade Design
  • Wirelessly Change Cable/Satellite box channels up to 1000 feet away (optional)
  • Worldwide Tuner Options – designed and managed by MYE for global support
  • Visual Headphone Jack Alert – signals need for replacement.
  • Quick Change Key Panel – easily change onsite without removing TV
    Energy Saving Sensor – automatically turns TV off when not in use.
    Mounting brackets available for most machine brands.
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty.



MYE Touch Screen TV Featuring ClubCom™ Interactive Media

Create Individualized Entertainment Experiences with Your ClubCom Television Network Entertainment

  • Digital quality live television programming.
  • 12+ channels of exclusive music video programs.
  • Customized fitness-focused content.

Club Marketing

  • Promote profit center campaigns and special offers.
  • Provide interactive group exercise class schedules.
  • Browse club personal trainer profiles and programs.
  • Bring mobile app features onto cardio screen.

Exclusive MYE Touch Screen TV

  • 6 inch –16:9 wide screen touch screen display.
  • Durable commercial grade TV design.
  • Headphone Jack Alert signals need for replacement.
  • 2-year warranty.

MYE Pro:Idom HD Cardio Machine TV

New MYE Pro:Idiom™ 15.6 High Definition TV decrypts protected hotel system channels including LodgeNet™ and Word Cinema™. Authorized Pro:Idiom chip inside the MYE TV makes protected guest room channels available in the hotel fitness facility.

For Hotel and Hospitality Market


RX7 receiver

Audeon RX7 Receiver

RX7 Features

  • Improved volume control and display
  • Compatible with existing Audeon systems
  • Dual programming modes. Select a preset frequency plan for any number of channels (up to 16), or choose the frequencies individually.
  • No external programming equipment required.
  • Automatic usage monitoring and service recommendation.
  • Multi-position mounting system
  • Sealed case to stop moisture ingress
  • Easy to replace headphone lead.
  • Stereo or mono (Zenith – GE system) using a 19kHz pilot tone
  • Noise reduction 2:1 compression – expansion
  • De-emphisis
  • Precision filters to provide the best audio quality
  • Digital PLL for frequency control
  • -90 dB input sensitivity
  • Buttons have embossed symbols for the partially sighted
  • LED 7 segment display
  • Fixed to the machine
  • Enters energy saving mode after 3 minutes if the headphones are removed

The Audeon Standard Multi Channel Transmitter is the central unit in the range.
The basic version is designed to transmit up to 8 high quality stereo audio channels in the licence-free UHF ISM band of 863MHz to 865MHz.
The transmitter will fill the requirement for large installations.
The transmitter is available with between 4 and 8 channels.



The NEW! Audeon Extended Multi Channel Transmitter is available if more than 8 channels are required. It is designed to transmit up to 16 high quality audio channels in both the UHF ISM band of 863MHz to 865MHz, and in TV channel 69 (854MHz to 862MHz).
* A licence is required for these frequencies *

The Audeon Single Channel Transmitter (SCTX) is the latest addition to the Audeon range. Designed to complement the Multi Channel Transmitter (MCTX), it will fill the requirement for small installations where only a small number of audio channels are required. The same 16 channel frequencies as the MCTX are available using a 16 position selector switch located on the rear of the unit.


Audeon Extended Multi-Channel Transmitter


Transmitter Features

  •  NEW! – Emergency Evacuation Message system (see below)
  •  NEW! – Three high quality balanced mic inputs with priority selection
  •  NEW! – Line Output, to feed the house PA system
  •  NEW! – Select audio channel to send through PA output, by remote control – Click for more info
  •  NEW! – Volume and channel select remote control fits in a standard single socket back box
  • -10dB phono socket inputs (XLR option available for balanced inputs)
  • Input limiter @ +6 dB
  • Noise reduction 2:1 compression – expansion
  • Pre-emphisis
  • Precision filters to provide the best audio quality
  • 10mW RF output for 100 metre range
  • LED bargraph display with PPM characteristics
  • Can be mounted in a standard 19″ equipment rack
  • Remote upconverter to eliminate cable losses
  • Aerial and feeder cable pre-tuned for ease of installation
  • Modular construction for ease of maintenance

Emergency Message System

  • Mutes all the channels and plays a recorded message when the venue’s alarm is activated
  • Complies with the new fire regulations (Regularity Reform (Fire Safety) Order 5005) for the evacuation of buildings which came into force in October 2006
  • Three high quality mic inputs to make announcements and provide evacuation instructions
  • Mic inputs override the stored message to allow for alternative directions to be provided by senior management
  • Line Output feed to the house PA provides evacuation message and announcements to all areas of the club
  • Emergency message prerecorded by a professional voice artiste
  • Emergency message is stored in a flash EEPROM for reliability
  • Fully compatible with existing Audeon receivers
  • Originally designed for use in the Sheffield Arena


RX7 Receiver Mounting Bracket
(Pack of 10) £15 plus UK VAT


Headphone Lead
(Pack of 10) £41.25 plus UK VAT


Headphone Lead
(single) £5.06 plus UK VAT